TightSpot Rise 5 Arrow Quiver

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Ambush Green
Optifade Subalpine

goHUNT Highlights 

  • Ideal for treestand hunters who need a smaller quiver to maximize space 
  • Comes with a hook on top of the quiver hood which allows the quiver to be hung on a tree or at the range
  • Quick Draw Arrow System puts your arrow close at hand for a second shot
  • The Rise 5 Arrow Quiver doubles as a stabilizer balancing out your bow 

Manufacturer Highlights 

  • Weighs 11 oz
  • Four inches shorter than the original 
  • Length is 16 1/2"
  • Warranty - TightSpot “Iron Clad” Lifetime Guarantee

The TightSpot Rise features the same great accuracy enhancing features as the traditional TightSpot quivers with a few updates. The first thing you might notice is the hook on the top of the quiver. This hook allows you to easily hang your bow while in a tree stand or at the range. It is also not as long as the traditional TightSpot which will help it to fit and balance better on shorter bows. Yet another feature is that the Rise comes with a second arrow gripper which keeps your arrows steady and prevents any rattling. These secondary arrow grippers are especially popular with hunters who use expandable broadheads.

Arrow 5
Weight 11 oz
Materials Carbon & Aluminum
Length 16 1/2"
Hood to Gripper 14 3/4"
Manufacturer Warranty Lifetime
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