About Riflescopes

Riflescopes are valuable tools in the hunting, significantly enhancing precision and accuracy for hunters. Almost all modern rifles require the use of a scope of some sort, making riflescopes a critical piece of gear. These optical devices, when mounted on rifles, provide a clear and magnified view of distant targets, making it easier to identify game and ensure ethical shots. Modern riflescopes come with advanced features such as various reticles, adjustable turrets, and lens coatings, optimizing aiming capabilities in diverse hunting scenarios. The use of riflescopes not only improves the success rate of hunters but also promotes ethical hunting practices, contributing to wildlife conservation efforts. With brands like Leupold, Vortex Optics, Nightforce, Sig Sauer and Swarovsk, explore GOHUNT's range of high-quality riflescopes designed to revolutionize your hunting experience. Choose from a variety of models with cutting-edge features for an unparalleled advantage in the field. Invest in the best riflescopes and make every shot count.


What magnification do I need for hunting?

It depends on your hunting environment, but a versatile scope with variable magnification (e.g., 3-9x) is commonly recommended. For most Western hunting scenarios, a higher magnification can be valuable with many scopes going to 18x or higher.

Are there specific scopes for different types of hunting?

Yes, scopes vary for purposes like big game, varmint, or long-range hunting. Choose one tailored to your hunting style.

What is the importance of lens coatings on a rifle scope?

Lens coatings reduce glare, enhance light transmission, and protect against scratches, ensuring a clear and bright image.

How do I zero my rifle scope?

Follow the manufacturer's instructions, typically involving shooting at a target and adjusting windage and elevation until the point of impact matches the crosshairs.

What is the significance of a reticle in a scope?

The reticle helps you aim accurately. Popular types include duplex, BDC, and mil-dot reticles, each suited for different scenarios.

Can I use a rifle scope in low-light conditions?

Yes, choose a scope with a larger objective lens for better light gathering, and consider scopes with illuminated reticles.

Are there waterproof and fog-proof rifle scopes?

Many modern scopes are nitrogen-purged and O-ring sealed, making them waterproof and fog-proof, ensuring clear vision in various weather conditions.

What is parallax adjustment on a rifle scope?

Parallax adjustment allows you to eliminate the parallax error for a more accurate shot. It's crucial for precision shooting at longer distances.

Do I need a special scope for a specific caliber of rifle?

While some scopes are designed for specific calibers, many are versatile enough to work with a range of rifle calibers.

How do I maintain and clean my rifle scope?

Use a lens pen or microfiber cloth to gently clean lenses. The GOHUNT Lens Cleaning Kit includes everything you need to clean your optics and keep them in good working order. When not in use, store your riflescope in a protective case and avoid exposure to extreme temperatures for longevity.

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