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Packs & Bags

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Hunting packs are a critical piece of gear for nearly every part of your hunt. These purpose-built packs serve as essentials for hunters, providing a strategic solution for carrying all your gear and equipment, plus the ability to carry meat after a successful hunt. These packs provide organized and convenient storage for everything from food to essential gear, allowing swift access to necessary items throughout the hunt. The thorough design of hunting packs not only prioritizes functionality but also contributes to the overall comfort and endurance of hunters by evenly distributing the weight of supplies.


What features should I look for in a hunting backpack?

Consider durability, size, and organizational compartments to suit your specific needs. Folks going on multi-day backpack hunts should consider pack weight and volume.

Are hunting backpacks waterproof?

Many hunting backpacks come with water-resistant features, but it's essential to check the specifications for waterproof capabilities. In most cases, you'll also want a rain cover to be safe.

How do I choose the right size for a hunting backpack?

Assess your hunting requirements and duration of trips. Daypacks and overnight hunting packs range from 35 - 50 liters. Multiday packs range from 50 - 80 liters, and expedition packs (a week or more) are generally over 80 liters. As it relates to selecting the right size pack for your body type, make sure to compare your waist size and torso length to the provided sizing charts.

Can I use a regular backpack for hunting?

While possible, general outdoor packs don't have the load-carrying capabilities of hunting backpacks. This could cause unnecessary strain on your body and the pack might not hold up to the abuse that hunting packs are designed to withstand.

Are there backpacks suitable for both day trips and extended hunts?

Yes, many hunting backpacks are versatile enough to accommodate varying trip lengths; look for adjustable compartments and expandable features.

What is the ideal weight distribution in a hunting pack?

Typically you would want your heavier items closer to your body and secured. From there you can start adding your other items. Keep in mind balance is highly important when loading your pack.

How do I clean and maintain my hunting backpack?

Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for cleaning, usually involving mild soap, water, and proper drying to maintain the backpack's integrity.

Can I carry a hydration system in my hunting backpack?

Many hunting packs come with hydration system compatibility; check for dedicated compartments or sleeves for water reservoirs.

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