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About Sitka Gear

Elevate Your Hunting Experience with Sitka Gear: Superior Jackets, Pants, Gloves, and Vests

Sitka Gear resonates with hunters seeking exceptional quality and performance. Renowned for their innovative designs and advanced technologies, Sitka Gear offers a comprehensive range of hunting apparel, including jackets, pants, gloves, waders and vests, specifically tailored to meet the demands of the modern hunter.

Sitka Gear's jackets are designed to withstand the harshest hunting conditions. Constructed with cutting-edge materials and featuring intelligent layering systems, these jackets provide optimal warmth, breathability, and weather protection. From lightweight and packable options for early season hunts to insulated and waterproof jackets for harsh weather.

A successful hunt requires more than just a great jacket—it requires reliable pants that can handle the rigors of the outdoors. Sitka Gear's pants are engineered to provide exceptional durability, flexibility, and mobility. With reinforced knees & seats, waterproof fabrics, and innovative stretch panels, these pants offer both protection and freedom of movement.

Sitka Gear's gloves are an essential part of any hunter's gear arsenal. Designed for dexterity, grip, and protection, Sitka Gear gloves ensure optimal performance in any hunting scenario. From lightweight gloves for early mornings to insulated gloves for extreme cold, they provide warmth without sacrificing precision. With specialized features like touchscreen compatibility and built-in odor control, Sitka Gear gloves are the perfect companion for hunters looking to maintain their edge in the field.

Sitka Gear also offers a range of vests designed to provide hunters with essential storage and versatility. These vests are engineered with dedicated pockets, strategic insulation, and modular attachments to keep your gear organized and easily accessible. Whether you need quick access to ammunition, calls, or other essential items, Sitka Gear vests are designed to enhance your hunting efficiency.

Sitka has an unwavering commitment to innovation and their deep understanding of the hunting experience. Their products are developed and tested in collaboration with experienced hunters, ensuring that every garment is optimized for performance and functionality.

Enhance your hunting experience with Sitka Gear and discover the difference that superior apparel can make in the field.


Where to buy Sitka Gear?

While there are many places to buy Sitka Gear is the best place to find Sitka Gear. Our Gear Store carries a wide variety of Sitka Gear and with our membership's rewards program you can earn money back on every purchase.

Who owns Sitka Gear?

Sitka is Owned by Gore-Tex, who specialize in Waterproof, Windproof and Breathable clothing.

Where is Sitka Gear made?

Sitka Clothing and Hunting gear is manufactured in Bozeman, Montana

Who founded Sitka Gear?

Sitka Gear was founded in 2005 by Jason Hairston and Jonathan Hart.

Where Was Sitka Gear founded?

Sitka Gear was dreamt up in Idaho, but originally founded in Napa, California.

Why is Sitka Gear so expensive?

Sitka Gear has higher prices to match the use materials which offer both durability and superior weather protection.

How to layer Sitka Gear?

The optimal layering solution for Sitka gear is: Baselayers to help mitigate moisture accumulation, Midlayers to retain body heat, and Outerwear to help protect against the elements.

Must have Sitka Gear?

The most valuable Sitka gear you can obtain is: Sitka Vapor SD Jacket, Sitka Ascent Pants, Sitka Core Lightweight Hoody, Sitka Kelvin Active Hoody, and the Sitka Sun Hat.

Can you dry Sitka Gear?

The best way to dry Sitka gear to minimize unnecessary wear and tear would be to line-dry them, followed by a 20 minute tumble dry.

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