Stanislawski Xtinction 2 Release

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goHUNT Highlights
  • The Xtinction 2 is a premium index finger activated archery release 
  • An extremely crisp trigger that’s adjustable for travel and tension
  • This release is comfortable, accurate, and among the top index finger hunting releases on the market 

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Independent trigger travel and tension adjustments
  • Web connect model has a custom machined clamp assembly that allows for an infinite number of length settings with no risk of slippage
  • The Xtinction 2 comes with a rotating head allowing for a small, tight D-loop to maximize arrow speed

This all-new Xtinction 2 index finger release from STAN blends target grade performance and field grade simplicity to the hunter with its’ super adjustable trigger and easy-to-use length setting. The result is a simple and reliable release that is perfect for the bow hunter who is looking for a quality, reliable, and quiet index release. 

Weight 3.4 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jon Crawley
Broke while trying to adjust the legth.

Was trying to get the length where I wanted it to be and one of the bolts sheered in half when backing the screw out. Haven't had it a week.... It was hand tightened so cant imagine i over torqued it down. Pretty bummed out.

Jeremy Gilliam
Comfortable fit

Extremely comfortable, solid built release. Extremely easy to reset. Best release I've ever felt.

evan petkash
Best Index Finger Release on the Market

I upgraded to the STAN Xtinction 2 about a month ago and it is hands down the best Index Finger Release I have ever used. Travel, creep, and trigger pull weight adjust as advertised. Its like having a well tuned rifle trigger on your wrist, vs the mushy, sticky, creepy crap trigger feel most wrist releases have these days. I highly recommend this product to anyone shooting a wrist release.

Great release

Love the adjustments, build quality and release. The leather does cause a slight rub on my wrist after a bunch of shots but it'll wear in eventually im hoping

Andrew Vincent
Great release

Very adjustable and comfortable. This is a top-line release and will serve me well in the field. My only question long-term will be durability. Time will tell!!

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