Stanislawski Xtinction 2 Release

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goHUNT Highlights
  • The Xtinction 2 is a premium index finger activated archery release 
  • An extremely crisp trigger that’s adjustable for travel and tension
  • This release is comfortable, accurate, and among the top index finger hunting releases on the market 

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Independent trigger travel and tension adjustments
  • Web connect model has a custom machined clamp assembly that allows for an infinite number of length settings with no risk of slippage
  • The Xtinction 2 comes with a rotating head allowing for a small, tight D-loop to maximize arrow speed

This all-new Xtinction 2 index finger release from STAN blends target grade performance and field grade simplicity to the hunter with its’ super adjustable trigger and easy-to-use length setting. The result is a simple and reliable release that is perfect for the bow hunter who is looking for a quality, reliable, and quiet index release. 

Weight 3.4 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great release

Love the adjustments, build quality and release. The leather does cause a slight rub on my wrist after a bunch of shots but it'll wear in eventually im hoping

Great release

Very adjustable and comfortable. This is a top-line release and will serve me well in the field. My only question long-term will be durability. Time will tell!!

Xtinction 2

Smooth, crisp and precisely adjustable. Easy to set up (I bought the web strap version). Currently using low travel with higher trigger weight but I expect to lighten it over time. Have release on my middle pad.


You can take a s!:@ on my kitchen floor If this is not the best release you have ever used. Better shoot at different targets or you will be going through arrows.

A lot of customization

I previously had a caliper release and just wasn't happy with it. There was limited adjustment as to where the trigger fell on your hand. The Stan xtinction 2 comes with the webbing that makes it so you can have the trigger placed wherever you want to on your hand. Mine is on the most proximal finger pad so that I can just slowly make a fist and I get a surprise release (as much as you can with a trigger release). I have been curious about thumb release and back tension, but haven't made the leap yet. I didn't want to do that so close to archery season. I'm happy with this release and would suggest it for any of those still on the trigger release team.

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