Stanislawski SX3 Release


Sorry, this product has been discontinued
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GOHUNT Highlights

  • Fully customizable thumb trigger position with adjustments for projection, tilt and angle
  • Trainer-Lock technology lets you practice and build perfect technique before you ever fire an arrow
  • Heat treated sears are incredibly crisp and lightning fast

Manufacturer Highlights

  • New handle design offers a more confident grip as you draw your bow
  • Nearly infinite trigger travel and sensitivity adjustments without the need to mess with springs
  • Cool shape and hot orange color are sure to draw some attention at the range or your next 3-D shoot
  • Warranty - One - year limited warranty

The new SX3 is built around the Silk path sear and comes in both medium and large sizes as well as three and four finger configurations. The SX3 is built in the tradition of its predecessor the SX2 but incorporates the company’s new, patent pending Trainer Lock technology, which allows you to master your technique before ever firing an arrow. The gentle handle sweep offers slightly more leverage to give you extreme confidence at the range or in the field.

Adjustable Tension Yes
Adjustable Travel Yes
Jaw Type Closed
Warranty One-year limited warranty

Stanislawski SX3 Release


Built by GOHUNT

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