Seek Outside LBO Connection Tarp

Sorry, this product has been discontinued
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GOHUNT Highlights

  • Versatile tarp that connects two LBO base shelters to make a 3/4 man base camp
  • Can also be used as a standalone shelter for one or two hunters and is easily pitched with stakes and/or trekking poles
  • Watertight silicone impregnated 30 Denier ripstop nylon construction handles snow, rain, and wind exceptionally well

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Lightweight, weighing in at 15 oz with stove jack or 14 oz without stove jack
  • Includes 5 stakes, storage sack, and one tube of silnet for seam sealing
  • Handmade in Grand Junction Colorado
  • Warranty - Limited Lifetime

The LBO Connection Tarp is a modular piece that can be used in several different ways. It was designed to connect two LBO shelters for coverage of almost 130 sq ft. However, it can be used with just one LBO shelter or even as a standalone shelter. It can also be used in conjunction with an LBO and the Vestibule. This would allow you to increase the floorspace of the LBO and vestibule version that we carry and still keep a fully enclosed shelter. When used to combine two LBOs it truly creates a storm worthy shelter that can be used on late season hunts. The sides can be held up with trekking poles or branches to increase airflow on early season archery hunts. Comes with one tube of silnet, 5 aluminum stakes and an associated storage sack.

*Available with or without a stove jack

Weight Without Stove Jack - 14 oz With Stove Jack - 15 oz
Color Brown
Material Silicone impregnated 30 Denier ripstop Nylon
Dimensions 77.25" x 57"
Manufacturer Warranty Lifetime Limited
Seek Outside

Seek Outside LBO Connection Tarp


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