Primus Long Spoon

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goHUNT Highlights

  • The perfect addition to any cook kit plus this spoon weighs next to nothing, only .64oz
  • Constructed of durable BPA Tritan-plastic and anodized aluminum
  • Long handle keeps your fingers clean when eating directly from dehydrated meal pouches 

Manufacturer Highlights 

  • The handle is made of hard-anodized aluminum
  • The spoon itself is made of Tritan
  • Practical cooking tool for outdoor living

The Primus Long Spoon is made of Tritan-plastic and hard anodized aluminum. It is the perfect utensil to have for cooking on a hunt. The long handle ensures that your fingers are away from the boiling liquid while stirring and keeps your fingers clean while eating directly from a hot Mountain House or Peak Refuel meal after a long day on the mountain.


0.64 ounces


Hard-anodized aluminum alloy and BPA free Tritan-plastic

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