Primus Lite XL Stove System

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goHUNT Highlight

  • Durable and efficient backpacking stove that’s big enough for two hunters
  • The hard-anodized 1L pot attaches with just one simple twist due to Triangular Joint Connection
  • Weighs only 15.9 oz; the stove, fuel canister, and footrest pack inside the pot

 Manufacturer Highlights 

  • 1L pot with lid and integrated colander
  • Push-start piezoelectric ignition
  • Low profile burner yields more stability, cuts weight, and reduces size

Do you need a lightweight stove that's big enough to cook real food for up to two people? If so, the Primus Lite XL is for you. Thanks to the patent pending Laminar Flow Burner technology, the stove has a low-profile burner for increased stability, lighter weight and a more compact size. Another significant benefit of the Lite family is the unique Triangular Joint Connection that secures that pot with just a twist. The 1-liter pot is made of a hard-anodized aluminum with ceramic non-stick coating. The transparent Tritan lid also features an integrated colander. The Burner, pot, plastic bowl, fuel canister, and the footrest simply pack together in a mesh bag making one compact unit. 
Fuel canister not included.

Weight 15.9 oz
Auto Ignition Yes
Dimensions 4.6" x 5.9"
Burn Time on 3.5 oz cartridge 50 min
Fuel type Isobutane-propane
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