The Bugle Bundle

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GOHUNT Highlights

  • The Phelps E-Z-Estrus Cow Elk Call an easy to use all-around great cow elk call

  • This call excels at nasally estrous sounds

  • The Phelps Renegade Bugle Tubes over-cupped exhaust bell for the perfect back pressure and resistance making it easier to use all diaphragms

  • Thick walls for extreme volume to reach over any ridge and no plastic sound to draw in any elk

  • Phelps Maverick Signature AMP Diaphragm Elk Call is one of our top selling diaphragm calls

  • Attract herd bulls and cows alike

Each Phelps call is hand-tuned. This external reed call is very easy to use and makes great cow talk (excels with nasally estrous sounds). If you will have a free hand while hunting and or struggle with using diaphragms then this is a great option. The Renegade Bugle tube starts its life as an unleashed tube, is shortened 3″, and refinished. The result is a shorter tube without the flared mouthpiece. Large corrugations in the chamber provide great resonance Corrugations provide structure to the tube 1.25" flared mouth opening for comfort and usability. The Phelps Maverick signature reed has been specifically designed for the most authentic bugles, and realistic cow calls to meet the demands of World Elk Calling Champion Dirk Durham.

1 Phelps E-Z-Estrus Cow Elk Call
1 Phelps Renegade Bugle Tube
1 Phelps Maverick Signature AMP Diaphragm Elk Call
1 Phelps Signature AMP Diaphragm Elk Call
1 Phelps Smith Signature AMP Version 2.0 Diaphragm Elk Call
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The Bugle Bundle


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