Randy Newberg

Randy's Top 10 Basecamp Items

Base camps allow a much different level of comfort and convenience than a backcountry hunt. On this list you will see many items added for comfort that are impractical for a spartan camp in the backcountry. This might be from a wall tent, a camper or RV, a cabin, or even a motel. These items are even more personal preference than any of my lists. Some like big meals, some like stoves, some bring generators, and we all appreciate those comforts when provided. For me, this list came from looking at a pic of a Wyoming hunt where we had a mix of wall tents, tipi tents, and mountain tents. I realized there are some things that allowed me to be far more comfortable than when I was in a backcountry situation. And with these comforts came more rest, harder hunting, and tags filled.

Randy Newberg's Gear Lists

Randy Newberg explains his identity with one word - Hunter. He is a leading voice of public land hunters in America. Randy has spent over thirty years seeking adventure in hunting wild places. That experience has allowed Randy to become a leading advocate for the self-guided hunter — those dependent on public lands for hunting access. In addition to representing hunters in Congress and state legislatures, he serves as a volunteer and board member for many hunting and conservation groups.