Randy Newberg

Randy's Top 10 Backcountry Camp Items

Most of my backcountry camps are in the mountains, usually 5-8 days, requiring a balance between weight and comfort. I’m not an “ounce counter” to the degree some hunters are. Over years, I’ve come to understand that a few added ounces for the right gear can provide comfort that converts to being rested and hunting harder. You will see that in my tent choice, where I carry a 2-man tent, both for comfort and protecting my gear from the elements. Camp ideas are very specific to each person. Whether it is food preferences, maybe medical conditions, or just out own personal creature comforts, no two hunters have the same camp set up. I’m focused on shelter, hydration, and comfortable sleep, leaving food choices to you. I have substituted the backpack used in my base gear package to a larger volume pack. It seems like you can never have too much space.

Randy Newberg's Gear Lists

Randy Newberg explains his identity with one word - Hunter. He is a leading voice of public land hunters in America. Randy has spent over thirty years seeking adventure in hunting wild places. That experience has allowed Randy to become a leading advocate for the self-guided hunter — those dependent on public lands for hunting access. In addition to representing hunters in Congress and state legislatures, he serves as a volunteer and board member for many hunting and conservation groups.