Wilderness Athlete Wild C8 MCT Powder



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GOHUNT Highlights

  • Gives you a boost in athletic performance and overall physical stamina to help you push harder on your workouts or in the field
  • Supplies 7 grams of healthy fats in each serving to help with appetite control and support with intermittent fasting
  • Specially blended to help your body best use dietary fats and help with energy production

Manufacturer Highlights

  • A creamy addition to any coffee, shake or recipe. Also mixes great into Hydrate & Recover or Energy & Focus
  • Delivers elevated mental clarity and sustainable energy
  • Wild C8 MCT is optimized for the maximum production of cellular energy to fuel the brain and muscles

Delivering increased endurance, improved mental clarity, enhanced appetite control, and elevated physical performance, Wild C8 MCT is a revolutionary medium-chain triglyceride that maximizes your production of clean and sustainable energy. Wild C8 MCT is virtually pure caprylic acid (C8), the body's preferred choice of MCT for easily utilized and efficient energy.

Serving Size 1 Scoop
Servings per container 30
Wilderness Athlete

Wilderness Athlete Wild C8 MCT Powder


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