Warrior Fuel Elevate


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GOHUNT Highlights

  • One supplement with everything you need for long days in the field
  • The perfect blend of minerals to combat cramping, fatigue, and elevation issues
  • Contains EAAs to aid in muscle recovery after a grueling pack out

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Contains natural caffeine to boost focus and energy on the mountain
  • Optimizes NO2 and mineral absorption

The only supplement you need! A first-of-its-kind formulation that has everything an endurance mountain athlete truly needs. The only outdoor supplement to have a massive 800 mg of the most potent sea mineral complex. As most Athletes are deficient in minerals that cause cramping, sluggishness, and fatigue...you’ll be well-equipped with each serving of Warrior Fuel Elevate! A full clinical dose of the purest Apoptogenic mushrooms known as PeakO2 delivers the best oxygen utilization while decreasing lactate. This means you will be able to hike longer, have more strength, and adapt to elevation changes with maximum output. Pharmaceutical-grade EAAs ( Essential Amino Acids) provide full recovery and help combat fatigue. With all 9 amino acids, your body will be ready! Delivering a Nootropic complex with natural caffeine to stimulate the nervous system and give you all the energy and laser focus you’ll need!

Serving size 1 stick pack
Servings per container 20
Warrior Fuel

Warrior Fuel Elevate


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