Ultraview Archery UV3XL SE

The Ultraview Archery UV3XL SE is perfect for dedicated bowhunters. It features the innovative UV3XL™ Slider Edition and works seamlessly with the UV Slider™ sight. With the UV Cartridge system, you can easily adjust pins without losing sight marks.


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Why we like this product

  • The 3-Pin cartridge features a fixed center pin, with both the top and bottom pins being adjustable
  • The unique LevelLight™ feature of the light cartridge uses a dedicated UV-LED to illuminate the scope's fluorescent level, enhancing its visibility
  • The UV Cartridge system allows you to seamlessly switch pin count and size

The Ultraview Archery UV3XL SE features the UV3XL Slider Edition, perfect for dedicated bowhunters looking to improve precision in the field. Designed to seamlessly pair with the UV Slider™ sight, this system incorporates the innovative UV Cartridge system, allowing for easy pin adjustments while retaining sight marks. With its integrated light cartridge, this award-winning scope system guarantees consistent pin brightness in all conditions. The UV Cartridge system lets you effortlessly switch between different pin counts and sizes, including 3-pin, double-pin, and single-pin setups, without having to alter your yardage marks. The UV Light Cartridge boasts 5 ultraviolet LEDs and 10 adjustable brightness settings, ensuring optimal pin brightness. Boasting a battery life of over 6 hours at 80% brightness, with an auto-off feature after 4 minutes of inactivity, it eliminates the worry of dead batteries while hunting. Its waterproof design allows you to continue your hunt even in adverse weather conditions.

Ultraview Archery

Ultraview Archery UV3XL SE


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