Truball Rave Release



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GOHUNT Highlights

  • Crisp, adjustable trigger with a hardened sear internal firing mechanism
  • Individual travel and sensitivity adjustment screws with locks to form to every shooter and desired settings
  • Multi-positional thumb barrel and teardrop to best suit your wants

Manufacturer Highlights

  • All aluminum body creates an extremely light-weight handle with an ultra-quiet release mechanism
  • Easy to load, quick and easy to close by pinching onto d-loop
  • Built in lanyard secures release to your wrist

The Rave is easy to load with a pinch, the jaw closed to the D-loop feature, simply grasp the jaw between your fore-finger and thumb to close onto the D-loop. The Rave has an individual trigger travel adjustment screw with a lock, and an individual trigger sensitivity adjustment screw with a lock. This trigger adjustment system allows for light to heavy trigger feels. A multi-positional thumb barrel and teardrop allows for customization of thumb placement. Medium 3 finger handle.

Adjustable Tension Yes
Adjustable Barrel Yes
Jaw Type Closed
Warranty Limited Warranty

Truball Rave Release


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