Timney Triggers Weatherby Vanguard Trigger

Leading the market for Weatherby replacement triggers, offering a true drop-in trigger, Timney has designed a unique trigger-blocking safety that is truly one of a kind.


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Why we like this product

  • Factory Calibrated ready to shoot or fully adjustable creep and pull weight
  • No gunsmith is needed as this trigger is easy to install
  • Trigger will not move while on safe

Timney is the market leader for Weatherby replacement triggers that offer a true drop-in trigger with a unique trigger block safety design. The Vanguard comes factory calibrated ready to shoot but remains fully adjustable for those who want to customize their Sear engagement (creep) and pull weight. With 6 different weights ranging from 1.5 - 4 lbs, your pull weight can be completely fine-tuned to your perfect sensitivity. Compatible with the Vanguard, Weatherby Vanguard (factory position 3 safety), and Howa 1500 (factory position 3 safety) The Timney Vanguard is the upgrade you didn’t know you needed.

To adjust pull weight:
Turning the screw counterclockwise will reduce the pull weight. Using a 5/64 hex wrench you will back out the screw and the pull weight drops. One turn equals roughly 1lb. of pull weight. 

To adjust Sear Engagement (Creep):
Turning the screw counterclockwise will increase the sear engagement. Using a .050 hex wrench and a 3/16 wrench to loosen the nut you will turn the screw counterclockwise to increase the sear engagement. This will cause the trigger to creep or move before firing. Each trigger is hand tested on an action. Timney does not recommend adjusting the sear engagement.

Weight 2.1 oz
Adjustable Trigger  Yes
Trigger Pull 1.5 lbs - 4 lbs
Style Curved
Material Steel
Finish Black
Manufacturer Warranty Lifetime warranty 
Timney Triggers

Timney Triggers Weatherby Vanguard Trigger


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