Timney Triggers Tikka T3 Trigger

Experience top-notch accuracy with the Timney Triggers Tikka T3 Trigger! Engineered for a crisp and clean break, this true drop-in trigger allows you to hit your mark with ease. Take your shooting to the next level and elevate your performance - try the Tikka T3 Trigger today!


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Why we like this product

  • Two-stage trigger with both stages customizable in pull weight that can be adjusted with a hex wrench
  • Comes with an 8oz first stage pull weight
  • Compatible with the T3, T3X, and T1X
  • Sear engagement controls the amount of movement the trigger has before it breaks

The Timney Triggers Tikka T3 Trigger is a drop-in replacement trigger designed for precision accuracy from the factory. Its first stage is adjustable from 8 oz to 1 lb, the second stage is adjustable from 1 lb to 2 lbs. Total pull weight is the first pull weight and second pull weight combined, for a range from 1.5 lbs to 3 lbs. Enhanced with sear engagement technology and easy adjustment with a single hex wrench, this trigger is optimized for hunters and firearm enthusiasts.

The Timney Tikka T3 Trigger is fully adjustable for Sear Engagement (Creep), over travel (Follow through), and both pull-weight stages.
Adjustment of the pull weight is completed by turning the pull weight screws with a 5/64 hex Wrench. Adjustment of the sear engagement and overtravel is completed using a .050 hex Wrench. 

Sear Engagement:
Sear engagement controls the amount of movement the trigger has before it breaks. On the Tikka T3 Trigger, the first stage is take up, followed by a distinct wall or stop, and then the second stage controls firing. The sear engagement process is for the second stage not the first. Sear engagement is custom set at the Timney Factory and shouldn't need adjustment. However, if you want to adjust your triggers sear engagement (Creep) the procedure is as follows: 

With the rifle unloaded and cocked. Engage safety. Turn the sear engagement screw clockwise until it stops. Slowly turn it counterclockwise 1/8 of a turn or one flat of the .050 hex wrench. The safety should move freely but the trigger should not move when the safety is engaged.


Overtravel (Follow Through) is the distance the trigger moves after it fires. Timney Trigger Jedi's adjust the overtravel to factory specifications but overtravel is a matter of preference and can be increased or decreased to match your preference. The over-travel screw is on the front of the housing just above the pull-weight screw. With the trigger in the fired position and using a .050 hex wrench, turn the screw clockwise until it stops. Once the screw stops, turn the screw counterclockwise 1/8 of a turn or one flat of the hex wrench. Squeeze the trigger as you turn the screw to the desired amount of follow-through. BE CAREFUL if the overtravel is set too tight the trigger will not fire.

Pull Weight: 
Pull weight is controlled by the bottom screw on the front of the housing. Using a 5/64 hex wrench turn the screw clockwise to increase the pull weight or counterclockwise to decrease the pull weight. From the factory the first stage is set at 8 oz the second stage is set at 1 lb. The first stage can be adjusted up to 1 lb and the second can be adjusted up to 2 lbs. Total pull weight is measured by adding the first and second stages together. From the factory, the first stage is at 8 oz, the second is set at 1lbs. for a total of 1.5lbs. of pull weight. 

Weight 2.1oz
Adjustable Trigger  Yes
Trigger Pull First Stage - 8 oz - 1 lb
Second Stage - 1 lb - 2 lbs
Style Curved
Material Steel
Finish Black
Manufacturer Warranty Lifetime warranty 
Timney Triggers

Timney Triggers Tikka T3 Trigger


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