TightSpot Quiver Lite 5 Arrow

Experience premium aluminum and woven carbon fiber construction for maximum durability and weight reduction with the Tight Spot Quiver Lite 5 Arrow. Its large vented hood and secondary gripper provide extra security for arrows and broadheads of any size, while three-way adjustment ensures perfect bow balance and minimized torque for accuracy.


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Why we like this product

  • Large vented hood design engineered specifically to accommodate today’s larger and longer fixed blade and expandable broadhead
  • Aluminum and woven carbon fiber for weight reduction and maximum durability
  • Exclusive 3-way adjustment provides fine-tuning of the bow balance using the quiver
The TightSpot Quiver Lite 5 Arrow is a revolutionary bow-mounted quiver that enhances performance. Its 3-way adjustment provides optimal balance and eliminates accuracy-sapping torque. Premium aluminum and carbon fiber construction offer durability and weight reduction. Its vented hood accommodates fixed-blade and expandable broadheads. Shock and vibration-damping materials reduce noise, while the adjustable Bulldog Gripper ensures proper arrow tension. The quick detach feature of the TightSpot Quiver Lite 5 Arrow allows for simple, fast removal.
Arrow 5
Weight 10.9 oz
Materials Carbon & Aluminum
Length 20.75"
Hood to Gripper 17.75"
Manufacturer Warranty Lifetime

TightSpot Quiver Lite 5 Arrow


Built by GOHUNT

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