TightSpot 5 Arrow Quiver

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Gun Metal
Optifade Subalpine
Kuiu Verde 2.0
First Lite Fusion
Saddle Tan
Ambush Green

goHUNT Highlights

  • This lightweight 5 Arrow Quiver doubles as a stabilizer balancing out your bow
  • Reduces bow torque with the RightSpot adjustment system
  • Provides super-quiet performance which is ideal for close-in shots
  • Quick Draw Arrow System puts your arrow close at hand for a second shot

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Weighs only 9.9 oz
  • Holds arrows tight, eliminating lost or dropped arrows
  • Length is 19 3/4
  • Warranty - TightSpot “Iron Clad” Lifetime Guarantee

Keep arrows close to the bow riser with this compact 5 arrow quiver. The lightweight quiver holds five arrows and doubles as a stabilizer with the forward/backward adjustability. It features RightSpot adjustment system that moves the quiver in tight to the bow, eliminating accuracy-robbing bow torque.

Arrow 5
Weight 9.9 oz
Materials Carbon & Aluminum
Length 19 3/4"
Hood to Gripper 18"
Manufacturer Warranty Lifetime

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Dan Lorenz
Great Quiver, Just What I Needed

Made the switch from a regular fixed quiver to the 5 arrow tight spot. No going back. My shooting with the tight spot is much better, but it’s even more comfortable removed. My favorite part about it is how quickly I can detach the quiver from the bow once up the tree and hang them on each side of the trunk while I hunt. Great product all around.

Samuel Airing
Tightspot 5 arrow quiver

Love this quiver the best I ever used so adjustable and light weight!

Kurt Smith
Better Quiver

I've lost a few arrows from my last quiver, falling out in thick brush. The Tight Spot holds them more secure and I haven't lost one yet.

Glen Musser
Tight spot 5

Great quiver

James Reed
Tight spot 5 arrow quiver

Mixed emotions so far. It does hold the arrows nicely and I like how it mounts to the bow. But the mount and the quiver interfere with my adjustable sight, an HHA slider sight. Very awkward to access the slider. I just ordered a bracket from HHA to hopefully fix that, but we will see. Also, it has really added a lot of weight to my bow and I really have to concentrate on not torquing the bow. I haven’t messed with the adjustments on the quiver yet, but I’m afraid I’ll have to have the arrows hanging way below my limbs, or I might have to get another stabilizer on the opposite side to offset that weight. Not the end of the world but I like to keep my bow as light and as simple as possible. I’ll keep playing with it and repost another review if I get it figured out. Just haven’t had time yet.

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