TAC Vanes Swhacker LRP Broadhead #276

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Experience ultimate precision with the TAC Vanes Swhacker LRP Broadhead #276. Featuring exclusive blade-align and blade-lock technology, you can ensure accuracy and durability with each shot. This system is specifically designed to fit .166" ID Micro shafts with an OD of .238" - .241". Make long-range shots deadly with this revolutionary broadhead system TAC Vanes.

  • 2" cutting diameter, .166" ID arrows, Size B
  • Blade-Align Technology allows you to accurately align your broadhead blades with your vanes for the most accurate shooting possible.
  • Blade-Lock Technology allows you to lock the broadhead so that you can practice with the same broadhead you hunt with.
  • Terminal Collar = maximum strength & durability - 2x the durability of standard 8-32 screw-in inserts.
  • Bone-crushing carbide chisel tip
  • Reinforced ribbed ferrule
  • Arced .031” blade thickness
  • Includes: 3 Broadheads (101 grains), 3 Threaded Posts (60.5 grains), 3 Blade-Lock Screws, 3 Terminal Collars (13 grains), 6 Replacement Bands, 12 Hunt-Ready Plugs
TAC Vanes

TAC Vanes Swhacker LRP Broadhead #276


Built by GOHUNT

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