Swhacker Levi Morgan Signature Series #261 Broadheads

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goHUNT Highlights

  • Blade lock technology allows the expandable blades to be locked in the closed position for practice purposes
  • Compatible with all quivers
  • Accurate broadhead for your next mule deer or antelope hunt

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Reinforced ribbed ferrule delivers up to 20% greater strength and rigidity.
  • 2” total cutting diameter once deployed
  • .032” Stainless steel blades provide exceptional strength
  • Swhacker’s wing blade design cuts through the first layer of hide, bone and fat, causing the swept blades to deploy internally to deliver lethal damage to vital organs. This two-slice technology assures greater retained momentum and a higher percentage of pass-through shots
  • Comes in 100 grain

Engineered to the demanding specifications of Levi Morgan, Champion Archer, the #261 blends unprecedented broadhead technology with field point accuracy. The unique arched blade design reduces blade resistance after entry, retaining greater arrow momentum and delivering increased pass-through performance. The ALL NEW reinforced ribbed ferrule delivers up to 20% greater strength and rigidity over traditional designs. The #261 also includes Swhacker’s blade lock technology, allowing the expandable blades to be locked in the closed position so hunters can practice with the exact broadhead they will be using in the field. 

Weight 100 gr.
Blade Thickness
Cutting Diameter 2"
Material Stainless Steel/Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Blades per Pack 9
Broadheads per pack 3

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Pat Rogers
Solid and much improved

I ran the older green Swhacker a few years ago and loved them. However didn’t love how I couldn’t practice with them without wrapping in tape. Then I revisited the idea and was really impressed with the locking screw that turns these into a practice tip for sighting in. I was even more impressed with the new “plug system instead of the shrink tubing band that was on the old style. They appear to be made out of even better metal and are really durable. Super excited to try them in the field. Nice work fellas!!

Andrew Fletcher

Swhacker Levi Morgan Signature Series #261 Broadheads

Seems great

These broad heads seems really nice. They fly exactly like my field points. To the point wear accidentally sliced off some fletchings. I really like how you can lock them for practice. And the pull out of targets allot easier. Hopefully they work on an animal as good as they do in my back yard. We will see

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