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Swarovski NL Pure Forehead Rest

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 goHUNT Highlights

  • Glass longer and more comfortably 
  • Lightweight design makes this great for the backcountry  
  • Adjustable to accommodate any hunter

Manufacturer Highlights

  • The forehead rest is removable as to not take up unnecessary space in your bino harness or pack 
  • For best results use the forehead rest handsfree at high magnification 
  • Warranty - Manufacturing and Material Defects 

If you plan on spending hours behind the glass, this is the product for you. The NL Pure Forehead Rest allows for ideal glassing with the use of a tripod at high magnification. Adjustable so that the hunter's line of sight is perfect during glassing. Increase your overall comfortability and longevity during your hunts.

Manufacturer Warranty Manufacturing and Material Defects
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