Swagger Stalker Lite Shooting Sticks

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goHUNT Highlights

  • Make sure your shots are as stable as they can be 
  • Can be easily adjusted to account for uneven terrain 
  • Deploys rapidly for when you have to make a quick shot

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Can be used in the front or rear of the gun 
  • Weighs only 10 oz
  • Flex Ready Technology allows you to track moving targets

If you don't want to attach a bipod to your rifle but need a steady shooting platform, the Swagger Stalker Lite is for you. It's the perfect solution for those seeking a compact, lightweight and maneuverable rest in the field. Its Flex Ready Technology allows you to track moving targets while simultaneously putting you in the ready position. Use it at the front of your gun as a traditional bipod or as a rear support in conjunction with the bipod you already own. These shooting sticks will give you a comfortable, stable shooting platform even during the heat of the moment where seconds count!

Weight 10 oz
Effective Shooting Height 21” to 36”
Warranty Limited Lifetime

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Early range testing

These are as advertised in terms of weight and size. Small and light weight. They set up quickly. They seem durable enough.

The rifle rest moves up and down the sticks to change shooting position and rifle height. The rest is connected to the top by two rubber tubes , so it has more tension the further down the sticks you go.

I've only had this out to the range twice, shooting my 270. These definitely take practice to use well. Don't expect to take them out of the package right before the hunt and have a stable rest. But with practice it gets better. I was able to get my 100 yard group down from ~10 inches to ~ 4 inches in just two trips to the range. I expect more practice to further improve that.

Kneeling is not very stable. Sitting is better.

Swagger Stalker shooting sticks

Very good product. The older I get the more I need these to steady my shot

Stalker Lite Sticks

Really liking this shooting sticks. Haven’t tried them on n the field yet but seem very stable and light. Looking forward to using them this fall.

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