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Strickland's Archery Helix Broadhead Sharpener

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goHUNT Highlights

  • Broadheads don't last forever, keep them sharp with Strickland's Archery Helix Broadhead Sharpener
  • Super lightweight at only 0.9 oz ensures you always have the sharpest broadheads possible
  • Restore those blades back to new and succeed in the backcountry this year

Manufacturer Highlights

Broadheads come razor-sharp but after a prolonged period of time or after practice that edge starts to get worked down more and more. The Strickland's Archery Helix Broadhead Sharpener can help restore that blade and make it killer sharp. Made specifically for Strickland's right level broadheads. That way the broadheads will perform how they are meant to, fly straighter, and penetrate farther! It's simple to use and even comes with instructions. 

*Please note the unique bevel design on the blade needs to run through the sharpener correctly or else it could ruin the blade

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