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Strickland's Archery Helix Right Bevel Broadheads

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-Offset sharpening forces the broadhead to rotate inflight, working in tandem with the fletchings
-Broadhead continues to rotate after impact, resulting in superior penetration and a larger wound channel
-Very durable build

The Helix broadhead was created by Tim Strickland of Strickland’s Archery. Tim set out to create the perfect broadhead. He didn’t want a broadhead that would just put a big hole in the game he was after; he wanted the best overall performance in his equipment, including accuracy, penetration, cutting diameter, etc.

The Strickland Helix Broadhead Arrowhead's single bevel, aerodynamic design means it works in tandem with the fletching. This is a unique principle in broadhead design: steerage from the front, which results in greater overall stability in flight. The secret to creating the helix effect comes from the sharpening process. While the Helix Arrowhead may appear to be a simple two-blade design, the offset sharpening process yields a unique hunting broadhead that is forced to rotate in flight. Front rotation from the arrowhead combined with back rotation from the fletching results in greater stability in flight. In other words - your arrow goes where it's aimed. 

With a single bevel broadhead you don't only get added accuracy, but also better penetration. The arrow rotation continues at impact due to tissue pressure pushing against one bevel causing it to rotate. There are several advantages to this, but the most obvious is when the arrow penetrates bone. The bevel induced rotation tends to cause massive bone breaks, especially in heavier bone; whereas a double bevel simply tries to force its way directly through. The Helix Arrowhead is sharpened on the back to first, helps reduce friction, which aids penetration. Any type of blade that enters meat creates a wrap-around effect. The extra cutting surface on the blade's back eliminates meat caving in around the arrowhead and as a result, lessens the wrap-around effect. Second, if the Helix Arrowhead remains in the animal, its razor-sharp, multiple cutting edges are working with every move the animal makes.

3 broadheads per pack.

 Type Fixed blade
Weight 100 gr

125 gr

Number of Blades 2
Blade Thickness .062" (100 gr), .072" (125 gr)
Material Steel
Broadheads per Pack 3

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One hefty and accurate Broadhead
Fly Great. Need to put in time for sharpening
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