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Stone Glacier Skyline Binocular Harness

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goHUNT Highlights

  • A super lightweight binocular harness option that is built by hunters for hunters
  • Designed for use under a backpack, the Skyline Bino Harness incorporates a low profile harness system for optimal comfort on extended hikes and backpacking trips
  • The unique design does not require magnets or fasteners that make noise and impede performance when you might not get a second chance

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Weighs only 8.8 oz
  • Universal webbing attachment points
  • Fits binos up to 7" tall
  • Made in the USA

The Stone Glacier Skyline Bino Harness falls in line with all Stone Glacier gear, focused on being ultra lightweight and durable. Their Patent-Pending OptikFit Technology creates a modular design for an exact fit to any compatible binocular. Paired with the Skyline Range Finder Pocket and Skyline Bear Spray Holster, this set up will have you dialed for anything the backcountry has to throw at you.

Weight 8.8 oz
Main Compartment H 7 ½” x W 5 ½”
Material 3-layer HydraShield™ Waterproof Laminate
Warranty Lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

The guys at the go hunt shop hit the nail on the head with the new skyline bino harness. I’ve used many bino harnesses. This one works.......


Fits perfect I like how adjustable they are.

Think this is the one

So far I’ve been using the skyline Bino Harness for spring bear and turkey. So far no issues or complaints my swaro 10x42 el fit perfect and are fully covered like they should be. Took a few try’s to get the perfect custom fit but other than that being perfect. No slipping or readjustments. Very light and low profile. This coming after using alps, fhf, Alaska guide harnesses.

Bino harness

So...I'm one of those guys who frankly hates bino harnesses; for many reasons, including: they get in my way, they can weigh a lot, I do a lot of crawling on my stomach and knees going after big deer on the Plains and hate to screw around with a harness, and the list goes on. What I have done for years is use a simple elastic bungee cord to attach my 10X's and let them hang around my neck and they are readily available. The downside is that when there is rain/snow hanging them around my neck in the elements becomes, as they say "problematic". So...after buying 5 different Harnesses over the past few years and disliking all of them I said "Just one more time"; which became the Glaciers. Guess what, while I haven't had a chance to "crawl" yet after a booner I have practiced the crawling and they are actually awesome. They are light, don't get in my way, the lid stays off when I don't need it (which is most of the time) and I can still use my bungee set-up with them out of the harness when I'm crawling. So...I guess I'm now a believer. They are like night and day compared to the other 5 I bought. BTW, those 5 are from all the normal folks that you see advertised. I'm sure they work for some but just not for me. Buy the Glaciers!

Stone Glacier bino harness

It fits tight and holds the binoculars tight as well. Nice adjustability on the pouch but could use more on the straps. My dad bought the Marsupial gear latest one and I like it better. It’s more comfortable and the strap angle is easier on your neck. SG fits under my pack straps well. Not much padding but light weight.

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