Stanislawski Shootoff TL Release

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Why we like this product

  • Features a wide range of trigger travel and tension adjustment without having to change a spring
  • MPT2 knob lets you adjust the trigger's projection, tilt and angle for a custom fit for your specific hunting needs
  • Deep handle sweep for a more comfortable feel
  • Stanislawski's ErgoFit™ Technology
  • Training Lock feature to build proper shot execution before ever releasing an arrow
  • Silkpath™ Micro-Adjustable sears are most accurate on the market

If you've never shot a Stanislawski release, you owe it to yourself and your archery game to try one. The Stan Shootoff TL features a training lock feature, allowing you to safely and confidently develop a rock-solid shot sequence without ever releasing an arrow. Other Stan features like ErgoFit, MPT2 knobs, and a deep handle swell, make this one of the most comfortable releases on the market.

Weight Medium: 2.9 oz
Large: 3.2 oz

Stanislawski Shootoff TL Release


Built by GOHUNT

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