Stanislawski PerfeX Long Neck Thumb Release

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goHUNT Highlights

  • The PerfeX Long Neck is a feature-packed handheld thumb trigger release
  • It’s quiet and easy to hook to a d-loop and the string keeper allows you keep it attached 
  • Comfortable in the hand and highly adjustable, it’s a perfect fit for bow hunters looking for a quality handheld release

 Manufacturer Highlights

  • The PerfeX is a release that offers an exact match between handles regardless of the mechanism inside
  • Its mechanism offers the fastest lock time in the industry and minimizes the possibility of string interference
  • The PerfeX has expanded the traditional range of trigger tension adjustability from ridiculously light to absurdly heavy and everything in between

The PerfeX is a handheld thumb release that is quiet and easy to hook onto any D-loop. You can also easily cock the release before you clip it onto the string. This release is perfect for the bow hunter who wants to shy away from your typical index release to take their shooting skills up a notch. The sweet thing about the PerfeX is that you can easily transform the release to either a three or four finger depending on what feels good in your hand.

Weight 2.5 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
kory andrews
Best thumb release on the market

Nothing compares.

Daniel B

So far my best release. Very precise, top end finish. More than happy.thanks go hunt for quick shipping

Brenden Lyon
Perfect Release

I needed a new release that I could do a little bit of everything with and this was perfect. The adjustability that is had is amazing! Also the way it clips onto your dloop is super nice and sturdy. It is actually so sturdy that if you don’t shoot it is kind of a pain to get off. This is now my go to release!

Great release!

I really like this release. It breaks crisp with no creep and is really adjustable. Once cocked you can get on your d-loop quickly and quietly. Mine does make a slight pinging noise when the shot breaks which would be my only complaint. For a wrist lanyard I just used paracord and an autolock button from my local hobby lobby.

Ryan Macke

Expensive but worth every penny. Wish I ordered a bigger size tho.

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