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Spot Hogg Hogg Father Double Pin Bow Sight

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GOHUNT Highlights

  • The double pin is perfect for the hunter who doesn’t want too many pins clouding up your sight picture but still wants that extra pin just in case

  • Silent, quick release lock for yardage dial makes for a quiet, no slop, no noise sight adjustment

  • No tool micro-adjust windage and elevation so you can make quick and easy adjustments in the field

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Detachable dovetail bar

  • Micro-adjustable 2nd and 3rd axis

  • Coarse horizontal and vertical adjustments

  • Solid 6061 aluminum construction

  • Warranty - Limited Lifetime

The Hogg Father Double Pin Slider has the features western bow hunters are looking for in a new bow sight. A dovetail bar and bow mount give hunters added accuracy. Special attention was given to the bar design to maximize strength. Easy to use yardage dial with double pinpointer gives you the distance for both pins and allows you to quickly and quietly dial the exact yardage. HRD technology equals no bushings, no slop, no noise. The Hogg Father also has the new MRT (multi-ring technology) housing, providing bow hunters the ability to fit the housing to the peep diameter, no matter what size peep you shoot.

Sight Type Slider
Number of Pins 2 pin
Pin Size .019 / .010
Weight 1 lb 4 oz
Mounted Length 6" dovetail
Housing Size Approximately 2"
Adjustment 1st, 2nd & 3rd axis leveling
Material Solid 6061 Aluminum
Manufacturer Warranty Limited Lifetime

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kasen Rumpf
Incredible sight

It’s redundant to other reviews you’ll read, but this thing is bulletproof. A couple of concerns I had that were quelled upon receiving the sight:

It fits inside my case attached to the dovetail mount. I just slide it in so the scope is as close to the riser as possible with the locking pin still lined up with a hole. Works great on my Mathews 31” V3 in a SKB case

Sighting in was a breeze, just be aware - the sight tape has yardage markers on each side, you’ll want to cut off the left set of yardage markers if right handed and the right set of yardage markers if left handed. Basically the tape is 1/3 too big so you trim it based on what hand the sight is for.

Overall couldn’t be happier with the sight. It’s heavy but worth it.

Built for Precision

I have owned this sight for a few years now. It would be hard to make a good argument to switch to anything else. It takes along time to sighted in compared to other sights I have had. I have to take the sight off when transporting because it does not fit in my SKB hard case. I wish the dovetail bar design had a better way to accurately show the distance you are on the Y-axis every time. I currently count the number of machined divots it has on the bar and that seems to work.

Joseph Kiedrowski

Great sight, quick shipping, comes in a decent case

Brandon Loomis
great sight - no tape

i love the sight, quick shipping, great customer service, but it did not come with a sight tape.

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