Spartan Precision Equipment ProHunt TAC Bipod

Enjoy spring-assisted Tac legs that adjust one-handed and cant adjustment for a leveled platform, plus a traversing function for tracking moving targets and a leg lockout feature for those hard-to-reach angles. Hunt with precision!


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Why we like this product

  • Leg lockout feature that holds the legs open until released by user
  • Compatible with the full range of spartan classic adapters
  • Supplied with a classic rifle adapter kit to attach bipod to most conventional hunting rifles
  • Spring-assisted Tac legs for easy one-handed height adjustment and flexibility in varying terrain

The Spartan Precision Equipment ProHunt TAC Bipod is an essential tool for hunters who cover extended areas and traverse uneven terrain. Built for maximum convenience, it can be quickly deployed with Spartan's Magnetic Attachment System. Its spring-assisted Tac legs and cant adjustment ensure a stable shooting platform, and its traversing feature allows you to track targets with ease. Additionally, its leg lockout feature lets you make the most of challenging angles and steep terrain. Each bipod has an included rifle adapter, rubber grommets, and mounting screws. 

Spartan Classic Adapters Spartan Classic Adapters
Weight 7.6 oz  8.3 oz
Cant 15° left and right 15° left and right
Traverse 30° left and right 30° left and right
Ground Clearance 7" - 9.1" 8.9" - 12.2"
Material  Aluminum, Carbon Fiber Aluminum, Carbon Fiber
Spartan Precision Equipment

Spartan Precision Equipment ProHunt TAC Bipod


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