Sissy Stix Backcountry PRO Trekking Poles

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GOHUNT Highlights

  • Ultralightweight (7.5 oz per pole) while still providing maximum durability
  • Quick-lock adjustments make finding your perfect pole length a breeze
  • Shock absorbing grips and padded wrist straps provide maximum comfort on long pack-outs

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Carbon fiber upper and middle sections plus aluminum lower section provides the perfect balance of strength and weight savings
  • Included snow baskets maximize versatility and allow you to handle whatever the mountain may throw at you
  • Collapses down to 2 feet, making them easy to store on the pack until you need them
  • Warranty - 3 year

Designed to endure the most rugged conditions found in the backcountry, the Backcountry PRO from Sissy Stix are built to be tough and durable while still maintaining an ultralightweight. The anodized aluminum QuickLock system allows for instant pole adaptability to match the pressure and demand of carrying heavy loads. Ergonomic EVA shock absorbing grips and padded wrist straps reduce hand fatigue and keep you smiling mile after mile helping you achieve Next Ridge Performance

Weight 15 oz
Length 24.5" - 54"
Lock Type Flip quick locks
Material Carbon Fiber & Aluminum
Sections 3
Warranty 3-year warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Caleb Swartz
Overpriced, Overweight

Quality is ok but not for the price. Shafts are fine, the locks leave a little to be desired, tensioning is inconsistent Aluminum cams, why, with the rest being plastic?! These weigh more than advertised. No cork handles for this price? They’re fairly nice poles but they’re worth about half the price they are. Definitely not competition for BD or Leki at the same price. Chinese poles marked up by 50% to foot the bill for a new start up company. Not sure how they expect to compete with Cascade Mountain Tech when CMT sell a nicer pole for less than half. Apparently Brian Call and Corey Jacobsen carry some weight or some people think they do. More elk have been packed out of the BC with CMT than ever will with these. If you want cheap, CMT. If you want the real deal, Black Diamond. Don’t waste your money on these.

Nathan Frea
Sissy Stix Backcountry Pro Trekking Poles

High quality for the price.

Worked well

Never used trekking poles before these but feel that they made a difference in my hiking, specially with weight. I don’t have big hands (medium in most gloves) and the handle are a little big for my hands but not uncomfortable. They worked will for me.

Sissy Stix Pro

I've been using the Pro series now for 2 years of packing Coues bucks out of the rough Southern AZ hills. They have held up great. We had order the Elites recently that had some issues. I am mentioning this because PEAX made us whole very quickly and the Elites are completely 100% now.

jay bagwell
Sissy stix

Used these sticks on my recent hunt in Colorado. I loved them! Seem to be made well and I really liked the design on the handles. Super comfortable in your hands. Would def recommend them.

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