Silky Gomboy Curve Professional 240mm Outback Edition

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Why we like this product

  • Featuring 4 cutting angles along the blade for rip-cutting, cross-cutting, and slant cutting
  • Blacking plating allows the entire blade, including the teeth, to be coated with a unique, highly durable Nickel / Tin blend
  • The teeth of the blade are heated and hardened to stay sharp three times longer than non-hardened teeth.

The Silky Outback Edition hand saws feature a handle made of arbor composite which provides excellent grip and control for wet, cold and game-processing conditions. The blade can cut bone and wood, and is black-plated with a nickel/tin blend to improve durability and reduce reflection for stealth, low-impact activities. This saw is perfect for cutting wood for your hot tent stoves, opening shooting lanes for archery season, and breaking down down an animal. The teeth eat right through wood and bone with ease, you can skull cap an animal, cut through ribs to take them out whole, or take off the lower legs when packing out bone-in meat.

Weight 10.1 oz
Blade Length 9.4" curved
Manufacturer Warranty Limited lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship

Silky Gomboy Curve Professional 240mm Outback Edition


Built by GOHUNT

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