Scott Archery Apex Release

The Scott Archery Apex Release is the pinnacle of release design featuring a fully adjustable and ergonomic design for the best custom fit you can get out of a release.


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Why we like this product

  • Ergonomic nickel-plated brass handle
  • Open auto return hook design attaches to your d-loop easily and returns for follow-up shots
  • Adjustable trigger tension and travel, and an improved cocking system in a large or medium size
  • Three and Four-finger adjustable extensions included
  • Improved Cocking Mechanism
  • Includes additional interchangeable thumb barrel

At the pinnacle of release design sits the Scott Archery Apex Release, delivering comfort and confidence at full draw while offering numerous options to match your shooting style. The target-inspired Apex release combines tight tolerances and engineering expertise to deliver repeatable accuracy. Three and four-finger extensions are included and feature 50 degrees of angle adjustment so you can find the perfect fit in hand. The adjustable micro-travel, trigger tension and additional large thumb barrel deliver performance custom-built for you. The durable nickel-plated brass handle with its ergonomic design is available in medium and large to fit a wide range of archers.

Adjustable tension Yes
Adjustable barrel Yes
Adjustable Finger Extension
Jaw type Open
Caliper type Single

    Scott Archery

    Scott Archery Apex Release


    Built by GOHUNT

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