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Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls Elk101 Signature Series 2.0 Diaphragm Elk Calls - 3 pack

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goHUNT Highlights

  • 3 pack of reeds that feature The All Star, Contender, and the Champ all in one convenient package
  • All calls feature the ability to be used as cow/calf or the option to be used for bugling 
  • Each call makes a different sound that can be tailored to each situation for the best results to better your chance of taking an elk 

This new multi-pack is the perfect choice for those who prefer our Elk101 diaphragms. The All-Star, Contender and the Champ all in one package. 

The All-Star – Designed to be very versatile. It makes a nice variety of cow/calf talk as well as a great array of bugles. The Contender – Designed to give the caller the option of bugling very aggressively or very passively. It also cow calls very well. The Champ – This call makes small to medium cow, calf and bull sounds. Also creates a more nasally cow sound and a higher-pitched screaming bugle.

Customer Reviews

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Tyler O.
Love these Calls

I keep coming back to these calls. They are easy for me to use and make high quality sound. For some reason I just can't get the same sound out of the Phelps calls. Pretty sure its the shape of my mouth, nothing against Phelps. These Elk101 calls just fit and feel better.

Country 324
Used to be best call

Used to be one of my favorites! now I hate it! They changed it and now it's narrower so if your tung ain't real skinny like tooth pick skinny they suckn!

Colby Herrington

They calls sounds great and I like them a lot.
I just had to slightly modify because of a wider pallet and I wasn’t able to get a seal with the tape so air was passing the call incorrectly.
If you thinking about getting calls and haven’t really tried before go the Rocky Mountain hunting calls website and look at their sizing chart to see what may fit best for you.
Good luck to everyone going hunting this year.

Robert Jones
Elk 101 calls

Really happy with these calls,learning on Elk101how to use them. I am looking forward to September in Colorado using them for a successful hunt.

Elk Calls

Sound Great very versatile for all Elk Sounds, from calf to big bulls

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