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Gen II Rimrok Stalker Shoes

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- Protect your foot from sharp rocks and twigs
- More sturdy and stable than a pair of socks, but just as quiet
- The pair weighs only 13 oz.

Bowhunters have been taking off their boots during the final approach for years. That seemed to work, except when stalking in steep or uneven terrain, which seems to be most everywhere in the West. Socks seem to always be slippery and want to roll, which makes it hard to control your steps on a stalk. Rimrok Stalkers slip directly on your feet after removing your boots for the final approach, not over your boots. They are designed to stay in place on your feet and have no "roll over effect".  Felt bottoms make stalking extremely quiet even in rough terrain. Give yourself the edge this Fall with Rimrok. Made and built in the USA with a limited lifetime warranty on stitching and craftsmanship. 

The Gen II Stalkers are a substantial upgrade from the originals. They are made from the finest coyote brown Polartec fleece fabric. The new sole is composed of 100% Sutherland felt fabric in combination with a polartec thermal pro lining on the bottom. The side lacing mechanism is stamped from a very durable 16 gauge rubber mat and finished off with 3 lacing grommets. When you are on a stalk there are so many things that could go wrong, don't let your footwear be the thing the blows your stalk.

Size Fits sizes 9 to 13
Weight 6.5 oz per shoe
Warranty Limited Lifetime on stitching and craftmanship


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