Revic EXO MOA Extreme Sight

The Revic EXO MOA Extreme Sight by Gunwerks is a revolutionary ballistics system, the perfect upgrade for any serious muzzleloader hunter. It is a must-have for hunters in states with scope restrictions like Utah, Colorado, and Nevada.


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Why we like this product

  • Accurate and repeatable dial for bullet drop compensation
  • Standard MOA markings
  • Can be laser etched for custom BDC yardage

The Gunwerks Revic EXO MOA Extreme Sight is a revolutionary ballistics system that is specifically designed for the Gunwerks Long Range Muzzleloader but is the perfect upgrade for any muzzleloader hunter looking to up their game. It is ideal for hunters in states with scope or magnified sight restrictions, such as Utah, Colorado, and Nevada. Additionally, this versatile system can be used with peep or non-magnified sights. The rear, picatinny mounted peep sight features an adjustable turret, similar to high-end rifle scopes, for precise and repeatable bullet drop compensation. Custom BDC yardage marks can also be laser etched on the turret for easier use.

The rear peep sight can be easily installed on either a 20 MOA or 0 MOA rail. Installation of the front sight requires a set screw to be installed on the barrel by a qualified gunsmith. This front sight is specifically designed for use with a .875″ diameter barrel. If using a tapered barrel or a smaller barrel diameter, a bushing must be machined for proper installation.




Revic EXO MOA Extreme Sight


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