Rab SilTarp 3

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GOHUNT Highlights

  • If you are looking for a lightweight shelter with the capability to house 3 people, this is the tarp fo you
  • Designed to be rugged, to handle the elements and the tough backcountry
  • Includes a stuff sack for easy transportation

Manufacturer Highlights

  • 10' x 12' rectangular tarp provides 120 sq ft of coverage
  • Corners and center guy-line points reinforced with Hypalon
  • Weighs just 1 lb 5 oz
  • Made out of silicone Sil-Coat™ impregnated 30d ripstop Cordura
  • Warranty - Useable lifetime for the original owner

The Rab SilTarp 3 is an excellent choice for group hunts that want to remain light and mobile. Capable of sheltering 3 persons this shelter is an absolute backcountry palace for one. Designed with the ounce counter in mind this giant tarp comes in at only 1 lb 5 oz.

Weight 1 lb 5 oz
Material Sil-Coat™ Cordura® fabric
Dimensions 10' x 12'
Manufacturer Warranty Useable lifetime for the original owner

Customer Reviews

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Lol Dylan

With all due respect, that was the dumbest review I've ever read. I don't represent Rab and have nothing to gain by pushing their products (many of which have been well-represented on Mt Everest). But why complain about the price of something because "weight is the only difference." What are people willing to pay to save weight? The sky is the limit. If I'm backpacking into wilderness several miles and gaining 1000s of feet elevation and i can save a few ounces to a few pounds per piece of gear and save space as well, i can get my total pack weight down by 10-20 lbs, easily. That's the difference in saving a sprained ankle or back which could even become a life-threatening issue in the harshest of terrains. Add to that, i wont be burning as many calories, necessitating the need to carry more food. Thank goodness for world class materials research-and-development companies who go to the work of creating the finest equipment so I can enjoy my trips each time and which give me the best chance of enjoying them for years to come. Thank you GOHUNT for further testing and bringing these pieces of equipment to our attention. Also, thank goodness for free market capitalism which is price-point self-correcting. There's a reason many of the top gear companies cant keep their best gear in stock and often exclude those products from promotional discounts. If there's a piece of gear that works just as well for you and saves you money, then no reason to get bent out of shape because someone else wants to charge more for theirs. Thats all :)

Easy E

Will be grate for the hunting season

This is a big issue!

This is one of the biggest issues I have with our community. For instance. Take this tarp for christ sake! It’s literally a tarp. U put a reputable maker on it. Say it’s a “hunting” Tarp and now u jack the price up a $100 bucks and call it a day. It’s absolutely ridiculous! Honestly; does this tarp keep u any cooler, more shaded, cover, or anything else that a regular old tarp cant? Other then maybe weight. And the weight aint that much. Sorry, for the rant but it’s just crazy to c the prices these companies hike up the price to cause they say it’s for hunting or whatever. Not cool!

Mario Valdez
Fantastic Tarp

I used this on an early season archery Muley hunt in New Mexico where the day time temperatures were in the High 80's/Low 90's. The cover it provided for us was phenomenal, especially with the sunny skies New Mexico is known for.

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