Rab Cotton Ascent Sleeping Bag Liner

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The Rab Cotton Ascent sleeping bag liner is a soft and comforting liner offering a nice middle ground between other silk and fleece liners. 

Why we like this product
  • Upgrade your sleep system for those adventures in varying temperatures and climates
  • Prevents sweat, oils, odor, and dirt from reaching the insulation, compromising the performance of the sleeping bag
  • Features a mummy shape, fills voids left in the bag for better heat retention without adding bulk
  • 95/5 cotton and polyester blend is extremely comfortable for better sleep and recovery on the mountain
Sleeping bag liners are a perfect way to add comfort and protection to any sleep system. The Rab Cotton Ascent sleeping bag liner is made from 95/5 cotton and polyester blend providing a luxurious sleeping environment for optimal recovery for the adventures to come. The Cotton Ascent liner adds the ability to layer your sleep system for varying climates and temperatures. Liners help to fill voids of cold air left in your sleep system adding a small amount of warmth while the tapered mummy cut keeps you from adding unnecessary weight and bulk. You'll find that the liner helps to extend the life of your sleep system the same way a footprint extends the life of your tent. Each time you get in or out of your bag that wear and tear eats away at the material causing damage over time. Liners add a layer of protection between you and the bag, keeping sweat, oils, odor, and dirt from reaching the insulation compromising the integrity, loft, and performance of your sleep system during extended hunts.
Weight 10.8 oz
Stuffed Size 4" x 7.5"
Length 73"
Shoulder Width 34"
Foot Width 25"
Manufacturer Warranty Lifetime

Rab Cotton Ascent Sleeping Bag Liner


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