The Pyro Bundle

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GOHUNT Highlights

  • Perfect rechargeable lighter ready for your next adventure and a necessity in your pack
  • Windproof so you won’t have to worry about your flame being blown out and cupping the lighter from the wind
  • The Pyro Putty Ultra-Lite Yellow Blend is the highest intensity burn which is achieved in half the time of the other Pyro Putty
  • The neon yellow color makes it brighter and visible at longer distances under a UV flashlight or headlamp

The plasma-based dual-arc technology in the Elite Rechargeable Dual Arc Lighter means you do not even need a flame. This lighter will replace all of the old flimsy plastic lighters, the ones that run out of fuel or the ones that won’t light. This Ultra-Lite Yellow Blend features a broader temperature range, increased pliability in all conditions, increased flammability, and a brighter UV reaction.

1 Pyro Putty Elite Rechargeable Dual Arc Lighter
1 Pyro Putty Ultra-Lite Yellow Blend
Pyro Putty

The Pyro Bundle


Built by GOHUNT

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