Platypus Water Tank

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goHUNT Highlights

  • Water isn’t always readily available, the Platypus tank allows you to store water for multi-day hunts
  • Available in 4L and 6L options
  • The tank has handles for carrying, a wide zip opening that’s easy to fill, and a pour nozzle

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Flexible polyethylene and polyurethane construction
  • Food-grade materials are taste-free, BPA-free, and phthalate-free
  • Durable construction
  • Warranty - Limited Lifetime

Platypus's largest flexible water carrier is made with Platypus's premium taste-free materials and is ideal for storing and dispensing water. It features a wide Big Zip opening for easy filling and cleaning, a convenient carry handle, and a flexible design that packs small. (6L version pictured)

Capacity 4L 6L
Weight 3.36 oz 4.16 oz
Dimensions 16" x 8.25" 18" x 9.5"
Material Polyethylene/Polyurethane
Manufacturer Warranty Limited Lifetime

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Brandon McGavran

Perfect for water storage on my extended hunts.
Bag fits nicely in the upper part of my pack when full and does not leak.
The 2 handles make for easy use at camp.
The ziplock style opening on top is totally useless and I recommend not ever opening-its extremely hard to close once opened.

Kyle Miller
Packs small, stores water well, but closure is a pain

The zip-lock style closure works great once it's sealed, but isn't the easiest to seal. Also the water tablets we used, and possibly the yellow water as well, caused the water tanks to get tinted yellowish so I'm not sure if those will ever be clear again. Worked well for our needs but may look into something else.

Ken Russo
Has one job and does it well.

I’ve been using variations on this bag by Platypus for a long time, and they’ve all served me well. I strictly use this bag for carrying water back to camp for later filtering. Sediment settles to the bottom of the bag and the spout makes it easy to fill the pouches of my Sawyer filtering rig. I’ve been using these bags for so long, I had forgotten how absurd the zip-to-lock feature is. I never try to carry these bags full in my backpack. My sympathies to those who’ve tried. I have two of the 4 L bags and I just carry them back-and-forth to camp from the water source. I wish Platypus would have continued making this product, but without the zipper lock. Perhaps it would have gotten way less negative reviews AND could’ve been significantly less expensive.

Mack Brown
Make sure you seal it

This bladder is amazing. I love the seal style opening. We had a gravity system for the camp water so it was easy to fill one bag a dump into the big opening. That being said make sure it’s sealed before you put it in your pack..........Had to hang dry some gear.

big zip is junk!!!!

Will not stay zipped. I filled it to every mark on the bag and it won't stay sealed.

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