Platypus Evo Shut-Off Valve



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GOHUNT Highlights

  • Prevents leakage from your hydration bladder mouthpiece
  • Easy switch allows you to adjust flow between open and closed modes, even with gloves on
  • Made specifically for the Platypus Big Zip EVO bladders

Manufacturer Highlights

  • The improved design offers a wider angle for faster water flow
  • Weighs 0.2oz
  • Made in the USA

The Big Zip EVO Shutoff Valve is a new leak-proof valve made specifically for the Big Zip EVO Reservoir. The improved design offers a wider angle for faster water flow, an embossed water droplet icon to indicate when water flow is engaged (taking away any guesswork on whether or not water is in on or off mode), and a larger on/off lever for ease of use (even with gloves on). The result is a valve that offers faster water flow and a more intuitive on/off lever.


Platypus Evo Shut-Off Valve


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