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Peak Refuel Homestyle Chicken & Rice

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GOHUNT Highlights

  • The slim pouch design makes this a great option for the backcountry
  • Healthy and great tasting make camp life that much more enjoyable
  • Only requires 1 cup of water

When you are hunting, you want to be at your best! Peak Refuel premium meals are formulated to deliver the amazing taste on any adventure. Created with the best freeze-dried ingredients on the market – always using 100% real meat and premium ingredients to ensure you’re at your highest level. Peak Refuel's Homestyle Chicken & Rice fill you up after a long day of hunting. This meal is made with chicken, rice, and vegetables in a creamy sauce.

Weight 5.15 oz
Water Required 1 cup
Servings 2
Protein 40 g
Calories 740
Preparation Time 10 min

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Karl Blanchard

Great flavor and very filling. Personal preference here but i go an extra ounce or two of water as its really thick if you stick to the cooking instructions. To the point that even when thoroughly stirred, its easy to get some spots that are al dente.

garrett Roof
Very good choice

This is a very good meal. Just the right amount of food to fill you up. Surprisingly tasty. Great choice after a long day of hunting

Richard Foltz
Read instructions

1st meal was dry chewy hard to swallow then 2nd was awesome when I added water reminding me of what grandma used to make. Kidding a side meals are great been using then 3 years now and my hunting partners are always trying to trade meals with me not going to happen

Bruce Warren
Seriously the only freeze dried meals to purchase.

Every Peak meal I have tried has been superb! I’ve been using Peak meals for two years.

Give it a shot

Overall much better than I was expecting. Letting it sit longer even at sea level makes a big difference

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