Ozcut Hurricane Broadheads

Sorry, this product has been discontinued
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GOHUNT Highlights
  • Solid blade construction for whisper-quiet flight
  • Offset blade design helps in arrow rotation and improves accuracy
  • Tanto Tip design is excellent for busting through bone
Manufacturer Highlights
  • 2° Right Hand helical recommended for optimal arrow flight
  • Single bevel blades increase wound channel size and blood trails
  • 1 1/16 inch cutting diameter

The unique offset blade design of the Ozcut Hurricane lends itself to excellent accuracy, large wound channels, and great blood trails. The single bevel offset blades are designed to continue to rotate through flesh and bone as the arrow passes through your intended target. This motion leads to increased wound channel sizes and better blood trails. A Tanto Tip design on the Hurricane helps deliver bone-crushing power when it is needed and also provides a stronger overall design on pass-through shots. These broadheads come pre-sharpened out of the package and are ready to hunt.

Type Fixed Blade
Weight 100 grain
125 grain
Number of Blades 3
Broadheads per pack 3
Cutting Diameter 1-1/16"
Material Steel

Ozcut Hurricane Broadheads


Built by GOHUNT

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