Optimus Terra Kettle

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goHUNT Highlights

  • Ultralight kettle that is extremely durable, perfect for every backcountry outing
  • Weighing only 5.4 oz it is perfect for when you're trying to cut weight in your backcountry set up
  • Compact so it will fit inside the Optimus Terra HE or Terra Lite HE cook sets

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Weight: 5.4 oz
  • Designed to fit inside Optimus Terra cook set
  • 0.71L hard-anodized aluminum kettle with a mesh bag

Put the kettle on and boil water easily in the ultralight why-leave-home-without-it kettle. Made of rugged anodized aluminum, this little gem is designed to nestle down perfectly in the Optimus Terra HE or Terra Lite HE cook sets. Then snug your gas stove inside the kettle.

Weight 5.4 oz
Capacity .71 L / 24 fl. oz
Dimensions 2.4" x 5.9"
Material Anodized Aluminum
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