Ollin Adapter

With the Ollin Adapter, you can enjoy crystal-clear visuals and comfortable glassing at all times. Its secure fit and rubber surface guarantee against dirt, water and debris, so you can get the highest-quality viewing experience with peace of mind. Get ready to explore the world with Ollin!

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  • Optic adapter designed to fit snugly around the optic eyepiece with a rubber surface for comfortable glassing
  • Adapter protection cap keeps dirt, water, and debris away from the eyepiece

Discover the potential of your spotting scope with the Ollin Adapter. Built with ABS plastic for superior heat, chemical, and abrasion resistance, this adapter fits securely over the eyepiece. Plus, our patented magnetic design and adjustable tether provide faster, more efficient, and more reliable digiscoping. Keep your optics safe and secure with a universal protective cap during transportation. Ollin phone cases are sold separately. 

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Ollin Adapter


Built by GOHUNT

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