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Mystery Ranch Quick Draw Rifle Sling

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The new QUICK DRAW RIFLE SLING serves as both a standalone sling and/or a functional backpack attachment system. With a magnetic sternum strap, this sling lives up to its Quick Draw name. The QUICK DRAW RIFLE SLING and integrated backpack attachment – in one. Not all rifle slings are created equal. The new QUICK DRAW RIFLE SLING draws on the best elements of standard slings and then takes it to a whole new level of functionality. With a rifle stock docking station that attaches to your pack's waist belt and a reliable, magnetic sternum buckle, you're poised for secure, hands-free bushwhacking.

Weight 9.6 oz
Manufacturer Warranty Lifetime

Customer Reviews

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Good addition to any MR pack

Makes securing and carrying your rifle so much easier and more comfortable on long treks in the backcountry. My only regret is not getting it sooner!

Mystery Ranch Rifle Sling

I can't recommend this sling. It is disappointing to say the least as the shoulder strap rolls over my backpack shoulder strap. If you want full days of hiking and adjusting the sling then buy one. I have used it with a heavy rifle and a lighter rifle and have approx 14 miles using it and whish I had another choice in this late season. I won't be using it next year and whish I could return it.


Mystery Ranch Quick Draw Rifle Sling

Mystery ranch sling

The rifle sling Itself is nice but as a rifle carry system it is a fail. Falls of your shoulder and does not work as intended. I will be going back to the gun bearer system.

Quick draw rifle sling. Mystery Ranch

Love their packs, but the quick draw rifle attachment fails miserably. I attached all accessories to the spots indicated by the directions. However, my rifle still falls off my shoulder. I went back and double checked everything, and the problem still presisted. Thankfully my beartooth 80 has 100 buckles I can choose from to secure my rifle but I'm still disappointed in this product. I would try the universal gun bearer by kifaru.

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