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Mystery Ranch Back Strap

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**Only compatible with the Guide Light MT and Pop Up Frames.

GOHUNT Highlights

  • Turns your Mystery Ranch frame into the perfect meat hauling system

  • Decreases the overall weight of your pack for pack outs where you do not need to carry any gear

  • Orange down the back helps to ensure your safety during the pack out

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Made out of 500D Cordura fabric

  • Autolock SJ buckles on compression straps

  • Double daisy chain for lashing

  • Two locations for MOLLE attachment

  • Warranty - Lifetime

The Mystery Ranch Back Strap is a great addition to your kit if you find yourself wishing that you still had an old frame pack for hauling meat and nothing else. The Back Strap allows you to turn your Mystery Ranch frame into just that without having to bring along a second pack. Simply keep the Back Strap in your truck or at base camp and if you find yourself with the desire to carry just meat and no gear you can easily detach your bag from your frame and attach the Back Strap. As an added bonus the Back Strap has an orange stripe running down the middle of it which helps ensure your safety during the pack out.

*Frame not included

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 29.5" x 8"
Material 500D Cordura
Manufacturer Warranty Lifetime

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Terence Campbell
What i had expected

Used on a first gen pop up frame. Ended up with double the amount of sinching strap and the buckles for the top were the wrong gender but did what I needed it to.

Mark Batchelor
Mystery Ranch Metcalf

Great pack so far with carrying a 40 pound salt bag around. Can't wait to use in the field this fall. Handles heavy weight very comfortably by having the weight close to your back.

Isaac Critcher
So close!

Well this MR back strap is so close to being perfect, yet so far away!
The idea of the backstrap is a great idea, but it is just that, a great idea. The person or persons that designed it apparently never mounted it on the MR Guide light frame. You will need plenty of time and probably some tools to accomplish this task and a truck load of patience. The time and frustration involved in removing the pack from the frame and installing the back strap is a little much. The nylon webbing straps of the back strap do not fit the frame connectors correctly. I had to use a pair of needle nose pliers to thread the straps through the connectors, why MR didn't use their really nice quick connect buckles I will never know!

With all of that being said, once the back strap is installed, it is a wonderful addition to any MR pack with a guide light frame, I used this system to pack out two bull elk this season and I was very pleased at how well it handled the loads, 80+ pounds every trip and you can cinch down the loads very tight so that nothing is moving on your pack.
So in a nutshell, this back strap once installed is a winner but getting it there is pain!

Paul Zgurzynski

Buckles do not match cannot use without swooping out

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