Leupold Shooting Saddle

Experience unparalleled accuracy in the field with Leupold’s Shooting Saddle! This ultra-light, tripod-mounted rifle rest is the perfect combination of stability, speed, and versatility, allowing you to take precise aim in any position. Get ready for a superior shooting experience!


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The Leupold Shooting Saddle is the ideal companion for precision marksmen. It features a lightweight, glass-reinforced, high-density resin construction designed for rigidity and stability while offering up to 80% less weight than an aluminum saddle. The rapid-turn knob allows for smooth single-handed operation, providing a fast and effortless way to track moving targets. Additionally, its versatile design makes it compatible with any tripod you own. Enjoy enhanced precision with the Leupold Shooting Saddle.

Material Glass Reinforced Resin
Weight  10.2 oz
Leg Diameter Max 83mm
Led Diameter Min 28mm



Leupold Shooting Saddle


Built by GOHUNT

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