Leki Makalu Lite COR-TEC AS Trekking Poles (2021 Model)

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GOHUNT Highlights

  • Get up and down the mountain safe and faster this season with this awesome set of trekking poles
  • The grips are made from 80% natural ground cork and 20% latex making them strong and comfortable
  • 7075-series aluminum shafts are heat-treated for high tensile strength to stand up to the rigors of the trail without weighing you down

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Leki's Dynamic Suspension System (DSS) reduces the peak impact force by up to 40%
  • The weight of the set is just 1 lb 1.5 oz
  • Built with a comfortable ergonomic grip
  • Warranty - Lifetime on shaft breakages only

Leki Makalu Lite COR-TEC AS trekking poles combine durability, a broad range of adjustability, user-friendly locking mechanisms, and built-in shock absorption to provide reliable backcountry performance. Incorporating a positive angle that preserves a natural position for your wrists the dynamic lightweight Aergon Compact COR-TEC grips have an ovoid shape that can be palmed or held traditionally. The grips are made from 80% natural ground cork and 20% latex making them strong and comfortable. They also feature Leki's Dynamic Suspension System (DSS) that reduces stress on the joints, muscles and ligaments. This system reduces the peak impact force by up to 40%. Leki places the DSS Antishock system close to the point of impact by placing the system right above the tip of the pole. Carbide flex tips deflect up to 30 degrees without damaging the lower pole sections. This reduces the risk of pole breakage if poles get caught between rocks or tree roots on the trail. Leki's Trekking Basket 2.0’s are included and are interchangeable with other baskets (sold separately).

Weight 1 lb 1.5 oz per pair
Usable Length 39.4" - 53.1"
Collapsed Length 26.7"
Lock Type External Lever Lock
Material Aluminum
Sections 3
Manufacturer Warranty Lifetime on shaft breakages only

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great trekking poles!

Very sturdy, easy to adjust and holds adjustment well once you find the right tension on the clamp levers. I have used these to save from some nasty spills with 70 ish lbs on my back and they flex in the right spots but have never bent or broken. Carbide tips grab rock very well and they work well for pitching rudimentary shelters. They spend most of their time on my pack and usually only get used when I'm packing heavy, but that's when they are clutch for saving knee strain and getting up and down those steep or unstable hills without a tumble.

Joey Smith
Locking Mechanism is Questionable

These are my first pair of Leki poles. Purchased because of their great reputation. They are well constructed but I have an issue with the design of the locking mechanisms: on each clasp there is a wheel that adjusts the tension when the clasp is closed. If adjusted too loosely, the poles tend to collapse in use. Ive had this happen more times than I can count. if adjusted too tightly, the clasp won’t close and it’s definitely possible to break the entire mechanism. I would highly recommend getting poles with fixed tension or even better, the twist-type locking mechanisms. My previous poles were of this type and never had an issue.

James Eaves

Great lightweight trekking poles.

Jake Oxoby
Should be called the Leki sneaky sticks!

These trecking poles have been an awesome addition to my hunting package so far! One of my favorite things about them is not advertised, but they are really quiet. I haven't been using the rubber covers when stalking an animal, the poles already sound quiet on rocks even without the covers on! I think its due to the way they are designed to bend and not break at the base of the pole, it might end up dampening a lot of noise, Very sneaky 😏

Luke Lowery
Great Leki Sticks

Just spent 7 days in the Frank Church with them. No issues whatsoever. Great Trekking Poles! Would buy again.

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